Saturday, August 13, 2011

Artists Respond to War and its Aftermath at Montserrat Gallery

ARTISTS INCLUDED in the "For the Record" exhibition were Fiona Banner (London, England), Nina Berman (Brooklyn, NY), Matthew Ernst (Brooklyn, NY), Harun Farocki (Vienna, Austria), Benjamin Lowy (New York, NY), Steve Mumford (New York, NY), James O’Neill (Boston, MA), Gerhard Richter (Germany), Sophie Ristelhueber (France), Rob Roy (Gardner, MA).

"For The Record: Searching For Objectivity In Global Conflict" was curated by Montserrat College of Art  faculty members Rob Roy and Gordon Arnold  in collaboration with Montserrat Gallery Director and Curator Leonie Bradbury. 

WHAT -- Exhibition For The Record: Searching For Objectivity In Global Conflict
WHEN -- August 22- October 22, 2011.

Image (above): Rob Roy, Highway Billboard #22. Copyrighted image. All rights reserved.  Used by permission.